Something New For VENDe


Users of AGHA’s new and improved e-marketplace, VENDe will notice a welcome change when they log into the website this month.


In a bid to make the site an even more user-friendly, VENDe has added a new tool to enable sellers and advertisers to delete products that are old, discontinued or out of stock.


Whereas previously, wholesalers only had the option to make old products ‘not visible to users’, now they will find a ‘delete’ option in the backend of the site to help keep their online store clean, organised and up-to-date.


The delete tool is quick and simple to use:


       1. Visit the backend of your store / website

       2. Under ‘My Products’ click ‘Quick Edit Products’

       3. Type in the product name or SKU and click ‘Filter’ 

       4. Select product and a ‘Delete’ button will appear – click ‘Delete’

       5. You will receive confirmation, click ‘OK’ – You will receive a notification message

           saying ‘The product has been deleted successfully’.  


VENDe Product Coordinator, Laura Iannitelli said VENDe buyers and sellers could look forward to seeing other new features introduced to the site over time.


“We are focused on listening to user feedback and continually improving VENDe with the aim of making the site a one-stop resource for retailers and wholesalers to network and grow their businesses,” said Iannitelli.


Replacing AGHA’s existing online trade portal SupplierHaven, VENDe (pronounced “Vend”) was launched in November to facilitate online trading and networking between wholesalers and retailers in the gift and homewares industry.


With a tagline of ‘Find it. Love it. Stock it.’, the VENDe site has been designed to be more inviting, easier to navigate and offer a wider range of products than its predecessor, from fashion to kitchenware, homewares to outdoor living, children’s toys to stationery and everything in between.


Check out the site at




These analytics show the growth of VENDe in February 2012. *Note these statistics are for VENDe as a whole.


Traffic Sources


Direct Traffic

4,270 (25.45%) Directly typing in address bar

Referring Sites

6,407 (38.19%) Visits from other sites linking to

Search Engines

6,098 (36.35%) Visits via relevant keywords in search engines and Google ads



Site Usage

Total Visits: 16,775

Total New Visitors: 66.66%

Total Page Views: 141,946

Average time on site: 4 mins 33 secs


Top Visitors

16,775 visits from 112 countries:

  • Australia – 13,973
  • United States – 804
  • United Kindom – 313
  • India – 180
  • New Zealand – 158
  • Canada – 116



Registered VENDe Buyers receive a monthly e-newsletter introducing them to the latest products VENDe Sellers and Advertisers have to offer.


If you would like one of your new products to be featured in the next VENDe Buyer enewsletter, then submit your preferred product URL to by Monday 9th Apirl 2012.

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