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With the online trend booming in the small business industry, the online market is now buzzing with all types of organisations taking a digital stance.

And why not?

There is no longer a need for the typical bricks and mortar stores to make profit… Internet has made things easy for everyone, and now small businesses too. People have created different methods of showcasing stock digitally getting exposure to not only local, but international stakeholders too.

So what next?

One word… VENDe.

Traditionally, retailers attend trade fairs to source and order stock for their own stores. Having to keep up with the digital age, it would only make sense to now host an online trade fair, one that never closes.

VENDe does exactly that. It provides wholesalers with advertising opportunities as well as a fully customisable eCommerce website which online retailers can then visit and browse to fulfil their stocking needs.

With 16,000 unique visitors a month, VENDe is set to take over and provide open doors for those in the small business community.

Yes, VENDe is set to sustain the idea of a trade fair in its own way.

Have you heard about VENDe? Are you registered with VENDe? We want to know..

Interested in getting on board? Contact us on

Go on… Find it. Love it. Stock it.

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  • GREG

    Hi Aneet – Just to correct you here – you said, “There is no longer a need for the typical bricks and mortar stores to make profit” – what a big load of cods wallop. !!!

    What are we now? Not for profit. ?? The web is great for suppliers but absolutely an economic waste of time and money for retailers. I speak from my own experience, of course. (maybe others share different tales?)

    Humans are the important value interface and in my limited time in the gift industry we should never forget THAT is what makes it work. People – talking, feeling there way through gifts for others or for their home. The web space for retailers in this specialty market is a waste of space, although we still persevere. 99% of all our sales – AND PROFITS – are generated in bricks and mortar.
    And I am aware this may change over a long time – but this year it is still hot to be in a store, serving and giving great customer experience with smells, visual and personal.

    Let us all remain to PROFIT from the front line – not the “online”…. :0)

    BTW – Flogging US (retailers) more products from suppliers does NOT help us find a customer and sell it out the door…… we get overstocked and then have to lose money on selling it cheaper to turn back into cash. Having an online trade show is good for importaers – but not so good for retailers. We have already FIVE shows a year – and that is already THREE too many!!!! ..

  • GREG

    To add – your strapline should be changed to..

    • GREG

      Find it. Love it. Stock it. Sell it. Make a profIT.

  • Aneet

    Hi Greg,

    My apologies… I definetly agree, I should’ve written “some people no longer see the need for a bricks and mortar store to make profit..”

    But yes I still tend to think that the online business craze is going to go big.. sooner rather than later!

    P.S- strapline sounds great!
    Shall let the VENDe team know!

  • GREG

    Hi Aneet

    Let me know when the online business craze works for Australian retailers in the gift and homeware industries – would love some shining examples to inspire us all ….. (we may be waiting another 5 years + some)…. Greg

  • Michael Ratner

    Could not believe what I was reading and from AGHA.
    Good on you Greg . You got in before me.
    The words were…..
    There is no longer a need for the typical bricks and mortar stores to make profit”
    I’ll be writing something for the blog because it really made me angry.


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