australia’s unique e-marketplace




VENDe is a unique e-marketplace for wholesalers and retailers, making business-to-business interaction over the websimple, accessible and secure.


Wholesalers set up a simple site from which retailers can browse products, place orders and purchase on account. Developed and designed by the Australian Gift and Homewares Association (AGHA), VENDe will revolutionise the way you do business, making order management and account management simple.


VENDe takes your business online, with no knowledge of web development required. Wholesalers can manage and customise their own site, which will be optimised for Google web searches. Online transactions are protected by CBA DataVault integration, so wholesalers have peace of mind when trading online. Retailers can browse products at wholesale prices through one portal, and place orders online with trusted wholesalers.


So whether you are a wholesaler or retailer visit VENDe today to see how you can take your business online with ease.