Mel19 Inside Banner Stand Design

Stand Design - What to Build?

Exhibitions offer a wealth of business benefits and provide a powerful platform to promote your brand and product ranges to thousands of highly qualified retail buyers. Designing a well thought-out stand is a key element to attracting buyers to your display and can be achieved with the following tips.

Floor Space

  • Planning an effective use of floor space is often overlooked, yet it is crucial in developing an inviting space whilst also ensuring a comfortable traffic flow within the stand.

  • Choosing a bigger space will give you greater options to make a big statement and promote new products.


  • It is important to ensure that you plan a layout which maximises the space available, whilst effectively showcasing your product ranges.

  • Once you have chosen the optimum layout for your stand size and configuration, you can begin to consider the furniture and design.


  • What do you need to make the stand functional yet inviting? When choosing furniture and display units, ensure that they do not create awkward obstacles.

  • Tap into fresh design ideas, custom-coloured furniture and add props to match your theme.


  • A smart visual approach to lighting can be utilised to best showcase your products. How will you make them stand out?

  • Attendees need to see what you have available and lighting can be used effectively to make your space incredibly attractive, create different moods or highlight featured product ranges.


  • Consider the configurations of the basic shell of your stand and decide what fixture and storage shapes might be needed to create an interesting experience for the customer.

  • Look at the volume and size of your product ranges and discuss how these can be best organised to suit the form of your stand.

For additional tips on Stand Design, AGHA exhibitors can log in to the Online Exhibitor Portal.