Here's what you can expect to see from exhibitors in February 2019.

The AGHA Sydney Gift Fair is the perfect place to see the latest trends and source the newest brands and products to hit the market. In response to increased industry demand, the AGHA Sydney Gift Fair has updated its product categories.

Smart Living 

Smart home, smart kitchen, the Internet of Things (IoT); there is no way of escaping this growing trend, not even in Australia. There are some really cool gadgets and products out in the market that will make life easier and maybe a bit more interesting along the way!

This new category is perfect for any business looking for new opportunities to expand their digital offering instore. 

Entertaining and Dining 

When it comes to entertaining guests or relaxing at home, consumers are always looking for the latest designs. Thanks to TV shows such as My Kitchen Rules and MasterChef, people are entertaining more at home, creating incredible meals whether it’s for a lovely alfresco lunch or an intimate dinner party. 

Products in this category will make it easier to prepare food with a personal touch when cooking, dining or entertaining at home with stunning tableware, servingware, glassware, bakeware, kitchen gadgets, cookware, gourmet food and more. Keep your eyes out for DIY kits for creating your own beer, cheese or even wine, which have become increasingly popular.

Baby and Child 

As a growing segment in the market, baby and child products have become more innovative and sophisticated while functional at the same time. 

Here you will find a comprehensive collection of plush toys, accessories, products for kids, nursery décor, eating and drinking items, bath accessories as well as items for expecting mums and babies.

Play, Learn and Grow 

Research shows that children over five should spend no more than two hours a day in front of a TV, computer or other electronic device and toddlers be limited to under one hour. 

When it comes to their children, consumers want them to have fun while learning at the same time. In fact, some toys and games available today can be played by both adults and kids! Don’t miss the exhibitors offering baby essentials, gifts and keepsakes, toys, kidswear and accessories - all inspired by moments of fun, play and comfort.

Sustainable Living 

Retail giant Ikea has said that by 2030, its ambition is to inspire and enable more than 1 billion people to live a better everyday life within the limits of the planet. 

A healthy and sustainable life can be for everyone and there will be plenty of products that can make it easier to live a more sustainable life at home. Think up-cycled materials, reusable products and ethically sourced components. 

Australian Made

There is an increasing demand for Australian made and handmade artisan products in the gift and homewares industry. Consumers are looking for uniqueness and they want to know the story behind the product―who made it, where was it made and what was the inspiration? 

If you are looking for authenticity and products that are locally made, then you can’t miss this.

Give a Gift

People love gifts whether it’s for Christmas, Mother’s Day, birthdays or another special occasion. Today gift giving is made easy with the vast amount of products available on the market featuring high quality, trendiness and innovation. 

Whether you are looking for something quirky, functional or fun, you will be able to find a gift for every occasion.

Health and Wellbeing

Concern for health and wellbeing has inspired a major trend and offers buyers an opportunity to source personal care and wellness brands and products that enable their customers to pamper and take care of themselves. 

Discover brand-new brands and uncover some amazing and unique products that will nourish the mind, body and soul.

Home and Interiors

Décor, décor and décor! Instead of completely renovating their homes consumers are looking for an easier and more cost-effective solution to update their home interior without breaking the bank. This can include anything from furniture, cushions and mirrors to rugs, throws and home fragrances.

Occasion and Celebration 

Whether it is Christmas, birthdays, Easter or any other occasion that’s cause for celebration, find all the products needed to celebrate including stationery, party goods, novelty gifts, religious items and giftwrap.

Outdoor Living

The outdoors has become an extension of the indoors and people are spending more time outside entertaining friends and family, enjoying lunch or dinner, playing with the dog or just to hang out and read a book.

Design-wise the outside needs to reflect the interior of the home and exhibitors with outdoor products that do just that can be found at the AGHA Sydney Gift Fair.

Retail Services

Running a retail business not only needs incredible stock, it also needs support from retail business solution providers. 

AGHA has established a strong network of retail service providers and Business Partners to pass on discounted goods and services from leading companies in the areas of insurances, banking, freight, foreign exchange and so much more. 

The Fashion Edit

Fashion, accessories and homewares go hand in hand these days, and it’s important to create a retail environment influenced by the same lifestyle trends. Blending these two together is a great opportunity to maximise your sales so don’t miss the latest fashion labels and brands at the AGHA Sydney Gift Fair.

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