BoldB is a family-owned jewellery brand based in Melbourne.

Drawing inspiration from the textures, shapes and contrasts of the natural world, its designs are created using natural materials in new and surprising ways, and are an ideal choice for the buyer looking for the unique and different. 

The Aqua collection is inspired by Australia’s beautiful coastline. 

Each design mimics a bird’s eye view of a different coastal landscape, and has been carefully handcrafted using beach sand and aqua or ultramarine blue resin.

The range contains 21 designs including necklaces, earrings, a ring, a bangle and even a brooch, with each item in the collection drawing its name from the body of water it resembles.

From bold statement pieces to casual everyday essentials, the range has been developed to suit a range of price points and occasions.

Each purchase from the Aqua collection will also help provide one year of safe water to one person in need through BoldB's support of, an international non-profit organisation.

The Cluster collection is inspired by Australia’s rich natural resources.

Contrasting complex, brilliant golden crystal shapes with dark concrete, each design in the collection makes a bold, sophisticated statement.

With 10 designs in total, the range features necklaces, earrings, rings and a bangle, with each design bearing the name of a region in Australia known for its precious stones or metals.

Each item sold from the Cluster collection will fund a girl’s secondary school education for a day in a low-income community, through BoldB's partnership with non-profit organisation Room to Read.