Banglaozy (Bozy) is a green icon providing eco-friendly, sustainable and innovative lifestyle products.

The company believes in triple ‘E’ sustainable which is economic sustainable, ethical sustainable and ecological sustainable. 

Bozy's products range from your carry bags to your bedroom giving you a healthy alternative in every single way possible. There are great gift ideas for everyone in every occasion.

The company uses natural fibres, leaves, 100 per cent bio-degradable, recycled, reused materials like jute, cotton, jute-cotton, silk to make clothing, bags and espadrilles.

Also available are cane, bamboo, natural sea grass, date, banana, palm leaf made home décor, baskets, hand loomed and vegetable dyed fabrics, hand crafted bedroom range, etc. 

Bozy's products are ethically sourced from disadvantaged communities run by experienced artisans and craftsman in Bangladesh.

A portion of your purchase goes to those communities and from your contribution they get hope for a better living. 

Product ranges include baskets, bags, shoes, fabrics, home fashions, stationary, giftwares, homewares, clothing and accessories.

See the latest ranges from Banglaozy, Stand 2B4, at AGHA Sydney Gift Fair, 23-26 February 2019.

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