AGHA Melbourne Gift Fair exhibitor Bramble Bay strives to set itself apart by its beautiful presentation and premium fragrances.

Inspired by a love of natural candles and home fragrances, as well as the frustration of paying high prices for products that frequently failed to live up to expectations, Bramble Bay made its debut in late 2014 as part of Serenity Imports Australia.

Speaking to GiftGuide, director of Bramble Bay Co Australia David Wilden said the brand's Australian-made candles create an ambience and help promote a feeling of wellbeing. 

“We are proud to be an Australian manufacturer and I still get a buzz when I walk into a retail store and see our product sitting on a shelf and think, ‘wow, we created this’. Seeing the many social media posts highlighting our products across the country and how successful they perform is a lso very satisfying,” Wilden enthuses. 

“For us, each range must have a story that consumers can relate to and the quality of the product, especially its fragrance, is paramount. We are firm believers that packaging is a very important part of the success of the brand as is the retail price point. Creating a unique collection, something new or improving on what has been before is always top of mind.”

Indeed, for Bramble Bay packaging is a way to set its products apart from everyone else in this crowded market.

“We create beautifully packaged products using premium quality raw materials and our products are well-priced. Our customers continue to relay this to us and this has been a major reason for our success.

“Having been able to break into and succeed in a saturated home fragrance market in Australia is a testament to what great products we are producing. I guess it is fair to say that it is very challenging to unique stand out in such a strong home and heavily represented fragrance sector especially with new competitors joining the market every year.”

Wilden believes that building a brand, marketing it and supporting your customers with ongoing products, releases and extensions is paramount in today’s environment. 

"Our customers are always looking for something new, fresh and exciting for their customers, so it is important to continue to develop new ranges, range extensions and collections. Offering fantastic customer service, understanding your customers’ needs and producing Australia made products certainly helps.”

Additionally, using sustainable and eco-friendly materials is paramount in today’s market as is the ‘Aussie made’ stamp of approval. As a Queensland based manufacturer and employer Bramble Bay sources much of its materials and services locally. 

“We use eco-friendly, sustainable and renewable sources of natural soy wax and natural cotton wicks in all of our candle products for a clean burn. We are currently looking at how we can source recycled paper for packaging. Our candle glasses can be recycled or repurposed after use. In our production facility we recycle whatever we can.”

So in this crowded market, what does the future look like for Bramble Bay? Pretty good, according to Wilden.

“Our future plans for business growth include looking towards the international markets with our unique product collections. We also see opportunity to grow our business by developing into contract manufacturing for the corporate sector.

"Current projects to expand our portfolio of products and continue to diversify seem to be well received by the markets. We are confident that we still have a bright future in the Australian and international markets."

Register here now to see Bramble Bay at AGHA Melbourne Gift Fair at Stand 348. 

3-7 August 2019 | Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre (MCEC) Doors 9-19.