Please note that GICs will not be valid from December 2017, so please take the time to ensure your registration details are current so we can send you the new Print@Home badge required for entry.

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Why the change?

AGHA Gift Fairs and Reed Gift Fairs are trade only exhibitions. We want to ensure that only valid, qualified and credible buyers are attending these important industry events. In addition, we want to ensure that we have your correct contact details so we may provide you with important information and supporting event tools to make your exhibition visit a productive one.

Outline of the new registration process

From January 2017 you will be required to re-register each calendar year OR update/confirm your contact details to keep your registration current.

Each November you will be sent an email prompting you to log in to your account and confirm and/or update your contact details. Once completed correctly this will re-register you for the following calendar year. Registration is valid for one calendar year only, no matter at what point of the year you register.  Usual trade identification must be provided for all new registrations;

- ABN  

- Web address  

- 1x additional form of ID (that shows your relationship to the business you are registering under)

Please Note: if you register between October-December, then your registration will expire in December the following year.

Upon registration you must provide a valid and unique email address. Email addresses must be verified by clicking on a link sent to the registered email address after a new or updated registration is submitted. A Print@Home badge will be emailed to all current registered buyers two (2) weeks before each exhibition. These may be printed or used off your smart device to gain access to both exhibitions.

Please Note: Like the previously used GIC the Print@Home Badge will gain you access to both AGHA Gift Fairs and Reed Gift Fairs.


Registered to attend AGHA Gift Fairs in 2016 or prior?

Re-register today for 2017 by updating your details using the Login button below;

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Register today using the New Registration button below;

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*Please note that all registrations are valid for one calendar year and must be updated through the login page.

Group Registrations

For the first time we are able to offer Group Registrations.

If you are an Owner/Director or Manager you may create a Group Registration where you may manage up to ten (10) staff registrations. You may add new staff members and remove old staff members who are no longer working at your organisation. Please note that each staff member requires a unique email address so that they may receive their personalised Print@Home badge which will gain them access to the exhibition.

Prospective Buyers

Thinking of starting your own business but not yet set up with the correct documentation to register? Prospective Buyers must now contact the Organiser to discuss how they may gain access the exhibitions. There is no longer a Prospective Buyer online registration option. For all prospective buyer enquiries contact AGHA on 1300 441 384 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

As of 2018 accompanying buyer guests will be charged a $50 entry fee per exhibition day. Please note no guests are allowed on the final exhibition day. To avoid paying this fee at the exhibition it is recommended that any buyer guests provide the required documentation and register as a buyer.