Huckleberry creates interactive and tactile products for all ages with a focus on learning new skills and the joy of creating.

The founders, Cyndee and Michelle, love working closely with their perceptive stockists who provide insightful feedback, trends and product suggestions. 

One such idea was the seed for their new deluxe House Kits.

These new deluxe House Kits are perfect for gifting or as a fantastic activity for a group of friends.

Each House Kit combines two of Huckleberry’s top selling fragrance kits and comes in three different combinations: Petite Perfumes & Bath Bombs, Soy Candles & Lip Balms and Lip Balms & Bath Bombs.

And with a variety of fragrances to choose from in each range, there is sure to be one for everyone.

Presented in a gorgeous house shaped box and complete with a white picket fence, Huckleberry’s deluxe House Kit is modelled on the actual studio where Huckleberry products are dreamt of and made.

And once the activities have been completed, customers can pop out the windows on the box and use it as a stunning night light by placing tea light candles (battery operated only) inside.

Over the last few years, the popularity of hands-on activities and DIY natural products have soared and this trend shows no signs of slowing down.

These deluxe House Kits tap into this trend with easy to follow instructions, heavenly fragrances and thoughtfully sourced ingredients.

Customers will love being able to make their own gorgeous smelling products to share with their family and friends all whilst having fun and learning at the same time.

Huckleberry is proud that it is Australian owned and all its products are designed and packaged in Australia.

See the latest ranges from Huckleberry at AGHA Sydney Gift Fair, 23-26 February 2019.

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