They say the most powerful way to sell a product is to tell its story.

In the world of Fair Trade, stories of creativity, resilience and unparalleled craftsmanship abound.

As consumers grow increasingly conscious of the social and environmental impact of what they consume, where the truth is only a Google away, the provenance of their purchases has become a greater priority. For retailers wanting to respond to this growing market, Fair Trade can provide that opportunity, with a genuine transparency and pride.

For producers, Fair Trade means the world to them and their employees in ways we often take for granted – fair pay, market access, safe working conditions, and the ability to afford education and healthcare.

For retailers, it means unique design and artistry and the opportunity to share tales of impact and resourcefulness. Empowerment through trade is a good news story, and for shop owners there is nothing more rewarding than sharing with customers the impact the sales of their products can have on a community.

In keeping with exhibitions in the United States and Europe, the AGHA Gift Fairs Home & Giving presents the Fair Trade Zone, the only trade exhibition in Australia to host a dedicated area to Fair trade goods, in partnership with The Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand. The Fair Trade Zone at Melbourne Showgrounds (Exhibition Pavilion) now coming up to its fifth exhibition this August, and is a key sourcing spot for many visitors.

Showcasing endorsed brands that trade according to the World Fair Trade Organisation’s Ten Principles of Fair Trade, the Fair Trade Zone enables access to the largest buying market of its kind, which is vital for the movement to grow. With global sales of over $AUD5 billion, representing small scale artisans from over 70 countries, the market for Fair Trade products continues to grow in line with consumer demand. AGHA Gift Fairs, Home & Giving exhibitions play a vital role in contributing to these sales in the Australian retail landscape.

For many Association Members, the Fair Trade Zone has more than doubled their sales:

"Through our trade show presence, our little company has grown to such a degree that we are looking at the very real possibly of doubling all our shipments to full container loads. This is a huge increase from where we started. We can now be found in over 50 retail stores around Australia, this would not have been possible without the introduction of the Fair Trade Zone."

Glennys Clarke U-Chus

"I have participated in three shows and the third, Sydney 2016, saw my sales increase three times more than previous shows."

Melissa Gray, Kaleidoscope Global

Winner of Best Fair Trade Stand Award, Sydney 2016

Stories of positive trade are good for everyone. The Fair Trade Association is proud to bring this opportunity to retailers across the country thanks to the support and vision of AGHA.

collage fairtrade

Visit the Fair Trade Zone at AGHA Gift Fairs Melbourne 2016, Home & Giving exhibitionthis August. Located at Melbourne Showgrounds (Exhibition Pavilion) the Fair Trade Zone will host an array of Fair trade accredited exhibitors presenting a diverse range of artisan and handmade products from India, Africa and beyond. Register to attend AGHA Gift Fairs for free at



Melinda Tually,

Deputy Chair, Fair Trade Association of Australia & New Zealand.

The Fair Trade Association is the peak agency promoting the Fair Trade movement in Australia and New Zealand. The Fair Trade Association facilitates the Fair Traders of Australia endorsement program for businesses that operate according to the World Fair Trade Organisation’s Ten Principles of Fair Trade.