Artificial plants are emerging as a key growth opportunity. 

Consumer demand for exotic artificial flowers and plants is growing exponentially in Australia, keeping up with global market trends that have popularised the use of realistic synthetic greenery for interior decoration in family homes, retail businesses and online stores.

As production processes have improved, the benefits and appeal of beautiful fake flowers expertly crafted from colourful silk are being more widely recognised by stylists and retailers.

More people are now using life-like fake flowers, trees and plants to enhance their living and retail spaces.

The Asia-Pacific region is anticipated to become the fastest growing market for artificial plants in terms of annual growth between 2017 to 2023, attracting an exciting new opportunity for gift and homewares retailers.

The higher costs and changing weather conditions that affect flower cultivation have emerged as key drivers behind the new trend, with fake plants positioned as a fantastic solution to challenges such as shorter lifespans, higher costs and limited seasonal variety of natural flowers.

AGHA Gift Fair attendees have also identified artificial flowers and plants as a promising sector to capitalise on and fake plants were ranked in the top five new product categories forecasted for 2019.

According to experts, an increasing amount of people are living in apartments and other dwellings with limited space for a traditional garden are enlivening décor with fake window boxes, terrariums and vertical wall gardens becoming on-trend choices.

Succulents are fashionable, and pre-arranged succulent garden displays can make breathtaking centrepieces on coffee tables, hall consoles or benches. Orchids also offer an instant way to add elegance, sophistication and a luxe vibe to bathrooms or bedrooms.

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