Discover pewter products suitable for all occasions from Royal Selangor.

Here, we speak to AGHA Melbourne Gift Fair exhibitor and Royal Selangor general manager Andrew McLean about what visitors can expect at Stand 314 when Australia’s largest industry-led retail trade exhibition returns this August.

Why should gift and homewares stockists visit your stand at AGHA Melbourne Gift Fair?  

Royal Selangor has a wide range of products which are suitable for all occasions and for men, ladies and children alike.  You may find products here that are great gifts for a baptism, birthday, wedding, anniversaries, commemorative, housewarming party and for many other occasions. Some of our product collections are made in collaboration with international designers and well-known museums like The V&A and the British Museum.

How would you describe your products to people who haven’t seen them before?  

Royal Selangor products are skillfully-crafted by a group of craftsmen with traditional tools at the factory in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Each item is made from using pewter, an alloy made predominantly out of tin, the 4th most precious metal on earth. Royal Selangor products can be found in more than 20 countries including Australia, UK, USA, Japan and China. Royal Selangor is also the trophies maker for international events such as Formula 1, ATP Masters and LPGA.

What are the key design trends including styles, colours or patterns in your sector?

Pewter is an amazing material with properties that allow it to be shaped unlike any other metal. Being metal it also creates timeless pieces that last forever. This allows us the freedom to design items ranging from intricate traditional pieces to beautifully textured models based on pop-culture.

Will your business launch a new product range at AGHA Melbourne Gift Fair?

The following ranges will be introduced at the Fair:

1. Limited edition figurines of Marvel IV with Wolverine and Phoenix. Only 3000 and 1000 pieces are produced and numbered respectively.

2. Liberty 2 – an extension to the range of colonial themed tableware that was launched 2 years ago. This extension includes 2 tankards, 2 hipflasks, a coffee pot, a tray and a container. It's a perfect gift set for home and office!

3. Star Wars chess set – The pieces are sold in pairs and as a complete chess set, stocks will be available from October.

4. Disney Music Carousel extension - The Iconic Toy Story and Lion King, stocks available in October. 

Which pieces would you recommend to buyers looking for their next best-seller?

The next best sellers will be the 2 X-Men figurines, Wolverine and Phoenix. These will be launched after the Dark Phoenix movie makes its debut in June. These two masterpieces are exquisitely sculptured and hand-finished by highly skilled craftsmen, a must-have for collectors.

The Star Wars chess set has been in development for more than 3 years and at long last is ready to be launched. Collectors have the option to buy the entire set or collect the various pieces to eventually form the chess set. 

Disney Music Carousels  - two excellent designs to add Toy Story and Lion King into the music carousel collection - these items should be good sellers.