Phillip Kennedy on swapping a corporate career for a home-business amongst the gum trees. 

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Guyedy Hydrosols returns to The Launch Pad in February 2018, bringing its range of pure Eucalyptus oil products to AGHA Sydney Gift Fair, all crafted by hand from an unspoilt 150-acre rural property in Bombala, New South Wales.

Born out of a desire to reconnect with the Australian bush, visitors experiencing these homemade products firsthand will be immersed in the sweet scent of Peppermint Gum, a natural antiseptic, antibacterial agent and decongestant.

Guyedy Hydrosols was developed by former corporate executive Phillip Kennedy after a fast-paced career spanning 25 years. The business now incorporates a variety of soaps, bath salts, hand sanitiser, hand wash, room spray, insect repellent, moisturiser, reed diffuser, nasal inhalers and wax melts.

“Having approached burn out from the line of work that I was in, I was looking for something completely different to do. After doing some research, I found that I could harness the production of Eucalyptus oil,” Kennedy told the Australian Gift & Homewares Association (AGHA).

“We discovered Peppermint Eucalyptus used to be farmed on the property 50 years ago. Wanting to get back to nature we decided to start doing it ourselves and developed our products to make the most of it,” he said.

Sharing his reasons for joining The Launch Pad, Kennedy explained that the crucial deciding factor was the opportunity to gain mass exposure to thousands of qualified retailers.

“Without the AGHA Sydney Gift Fair, I wouldn’t even be able to get on the radar of most of my potential buyers,” he said.

“I was looking for a platform that allowed me to showcase my products to retailers all over Australia, the AGHA Sydney Gift Fair is the only one of its kind that achieves this, coupled with your Launch Pad initiatives for start-ups, it was a no-brainer.”

Ten assorted products based on the oil and hydrosol of the Peppermint Gum are now stocked in stores all over Australia, including the Australian Botanical Gardens in Canberra. 

Nurseries with gift shops are a great fit for the range, along with chemists, general gift shops, Australian tourist shops and specialty handmade stores.

“I’m always searching for ideas on products that can showcase the wonderful aromas of the peppermint eucalyptus, but I have recently planted a large number of lemon myrtle trees and will be bringing out a lemon myrtle range in the near future,” Kennedy said.

Register now to find Guyedy Hydrosols bath and body products at stand 4D15, AGHA Sydney Gift Fair, 24-27 February 2018.