Palau Home offers premium quality, uniquely individual homewares and jewellery.

Inspired by the raw beauty and seascapes of the Northern Territory and innovative integration of Aboriginal art and culture, this is a truly distinctive range.

The ranges were launched for the first time to the Australian market at the AGHA Sydney Gift Fair.

Sustainable freshwater mussel shells are responsibly sourced to meet the 'provenance to product' guidelines. From this ethical position, a variety of CITES approved shells are hand cut and meticulously laid to create striking designs.

The diversity of shell colours and original designs created, produce homewares that transform any room.

Palau Home's Signature home series defines individuality and is limited to a run of 20 in each range. Each piece is numbered to support the exclusivity of the distinct artwork.

Elements of nature both inspire and influence the design and production process, ensuring that every piece is slightly different.

You can expect the slightest variations in shell design and colour. This, naturally, adds to the individual charm of each piece.

When choosing from the standard ranges, stockists enjoy the option of personalising their own series. Allowing you to offer your customers a truly bespoke range of our pieces from any combination of shell, colour and rim, when ordered in lots of 20 or more.

A combination of premium silver is designed and handcrafted to compliment the finest quality shells, to create truly decadent décor items and an exquisite range of jewellery that you won’t find elsewhere.

Palau Home maintains stringent quality controls over the crafting processes to ensure that it consistently delivers premium products, that continues to capture its love of nature and cultures, whilst never compromising the handcrafted artistry of each stunning and distinctly unique artwork.