Recipe In A Jar founder Margaret McMahon on her Launch Pad success.

Consumable gifts can make a unique treat for adults craving home-style cooking or be a fantastic way for kids to learn how to bake during school holidays.

Recipe In A Jar is an Australian gift company producing artisan recipe jars that come beautifully layered and in a ribboned package, showcasing high-quality dry ingredients that easily create delicious meals.

Nostalgically speaking to the joy of sharing good food with loved ones, Recipe In A Jar references the wholesome tradition of using molded jars to create and preserve edibles that could be exchanged as vividly coloured gifts. The products range from sweet cookie jars to nutritious bliss balls, and all that needs to be added into the mix is wet ingredients.

Founder and managing director, Margaret McMahon, launched the business from her Cairns cafe 18 months ago, after a trial run of Recipe In A Jar resulted in overwhelmingly positive feedback from consumers.

“I was introduced to the jar concept during my travels abroad and after realising that it was not currently available in Australia, decided to develop the product from my own cafe. It proved to be a top seller in my cafe, so it was an easy decision to venture out and start wholesaling,” McMahon told the Australian Gift & Homewares Association (AGHA).

This year, Recipe In A Jar exhibited in The Launch Pad, a new platform designed to support and accelerate the ideas of emerging entrepreneurs into the marketplace, as a wholesale manufacturer during both the AGHA Sydney Gift Fair and AGHA Melbourne Gift Fair. On display were twenty-five recipes for cookies, bliss balls, hot cocoa, soups and seasonal specialties. 

A brand new Christmas range features gingerbread and hot drinking cocoa recipes, each designed to complement the tried-and-true Santa Cookies and novelty Magical Reindeer Food. Suited to any business looking for an extraordinary gift idea, Recipe In A Jar stockists range from grocery stores, cafes and gourmet food retailers to pharmacies, newsagents or homewares stores.

“We have a unique point of difference as the only provider of these jars in Australia, and we pride ourselves not only on the quality of ingredients, but that each individual jar is lovingly handmade,” McMahon said.

Recipe In A Jar operations are currently focused on establishing a solid base of regular customers and ensuring all of its processes and procedures meet the customer’s expectations. To that end, Recipe In A Jar is expanding its reach and audience by using Facebook and Instagram for its promotional activities.

“A concise social media strategy is imperative in today’s business climate, and this is an area that will also be part of our focus in the coming months,” McMahon added.

Describing her experience as a Launch Pad exhibitor, McMahon said the process of meeting retailers and stockists far exceeded her expectations. 

“Having owned my own gift and homewares store for eight years, I was familiar with the great exposure a Gift Fair provided. Ultimately for me, I always knew I wanted to exhibit, but the value AGHA offered for as part of The Launch Pad was my deciding factor,” McMahon said.

McMahon pointed to having her product prominently displayed in front of potential buyers as one of biggest perks of participating in AGHA Gift Fairs.

“At the first Gift Fair in Sydney we grew our stockist by a little over 25%, but the Melbourne Gift Fair has seen us grow our stockists numbers by 40%, so to achieve that in a span of five days, I’d say it was pretty remarkable,” McMahon said.

“The benefits extend further than that. Opportunities for market research, receiving buyer feedback and creating contacts are also a huge bonus. Of course, if you have a cottage industry product and want to move further into a mainstream business, you really can’t afford not to exhibit.

“We are excited about the growth Recipe In A Jar is experiencing and certainly hope it continues.”

For further information about Recipe In A Jar click here or to learn more about the AGHA Launch Pad program click here.