A new series profiling Fair Trade and Ethical brands at AGHA Melbourne Gift Fair. 

Consumer interest in Fair Trade and ethically sourced products continues to rise and is now stronger than ever before. The AGHA Melbourne Gift Fair offers a cohort of exhibitors with uniquely individual and ethical brands, all crafted by artisans from across the globe. 

Each brand comes with a story. Here we Meet The Maker...Shahrear Chowdhury of Banglaozy

How many years has Banglaozy operated in Australia?


“The Banglaozy project started in 2007 as a green business providing eco-friendly, sustainable and innovative lifestyle products sourced from experienced artisans and craftsman working in Bangladesh. We are very proud to have been endorsed as Fair Trade since 2013.”

Tell us about the artisans behind your products. How did you get started working with them?

“We work with individual artisans as well as marginal group and cottage industries in Bangladesh where I was born. My father’s relatives were handloom weavers, so I have childhood memories of a thread wheel and hand-loomed fabrics. As I grew up, I wanted to help these communities and promote them on the world stage. Being in Australia is a great opportunity to pursue that goal.”

Why is Fair Trade Certification important to you and how does Banglaozy implement these processes?

“We work closely with disadvantaged communities to ensure our practices in the wholesale supply chain are free of blood, sweat and pollution. Through consultations, meetings and regular visits to the community in Bangladesh we can ensure fair trading practices prevail in our projects, including prices mutually agreed on with artisans and zero tolerance of child labour.”

What are the most popular design trends you have seen emerging in your field?

“The most prevalent trends in this field are simple and minimalist designs, as well as more rustic styles featuring natural colours. We have a wide selection of modern baskets, bags and lifestyle accessories suited to every taste”

Which pieces would you recommend to buyers looking for their next best-seller?

“At AGHA Melbourne Gift Fair, we are introducing a whole new range of baskets made of recycled plastic and seagrass. I would definitely recommend buyers in this category looking for a niche product to check out our new range as it will be their next best seller.”


Register now to see Banglaozy in the Sovereign Room at Stand G47, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, 4-8 August 2018.