AGHA spotted this great GiftGuide article featuring Sydney Gift Fair exhibitor The Nonsense Maker. 

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, there is no better gift for mums than a unique, heartfelt card.

At least that’s what Emily May, business owner and artist at The Nonsense Maker believes.

“I recently had someone tell me that greeting cards are dead,” she says.

“I understand the logic behind this statement, but I honestly disagree. There is still something really special about taking the time to sit and physically write down how much someone means to you.”

The Nonsense Maker has an ever growing range of bright and playful greeting cards designed and produced in Collingwood, Melbourne.

Each design is hand illustrated using fine liner pen and coloured digitally. They are then printed using fade-resistant pigment ink onto textured cotton paper.

The unusual technique and curious imagery gives The Nonsense Maker's greeting cards a unique edge in a heavily saturated card market.

“I still have cards on display at home that I received years ago. A beautiful message is lovely, but I think it’s also important to give a card that someone will be happy to have out in their home,” she adds.

May and her cards can be found every Saturday and Sunday at the Rose Street Artists Market in Fitzroy.

Republished courtesy of GiftGuide.