It’s waterproof, unbreakable, light weight and beautifully versatile.

As well as being ethically produced in Sri Lanka and a perfect plastic free option, Paper Pottery ticks all the boxes on so many levels.

Waterproof―these unique pots are lined with natural rubber making them completely water proof internally with a protective water repellent layer outside. So they can be filled with water and won’t leak making them ideal for pot plants and cut flowers.

Unbreakable―meaning  no lost stock due to chips and the sizes nest into each other so storage is simple with the pots taking up very little space. They are safer, no breakages at public events, cafes or with small children in the home.

Lightweight―being paper means they are lightweight making them easier to transport and work with, ideal for florists, events, restaurants, in store or at home.

Contemporary Design―to match any décor and many colours to choose from. The new seasonal colours and designs will be launched at AGHA Melbourne Gift Fair as well designs for Christmas 2019 and Valentine’s Day 2020.

Lots of different textures including suede, concrete, lime wash and granite all sized to fit standard 100ml, 150ml and 200ml Australian plant pots so ideal for nurseries, florists and the home decorator.

Eco-friendly―better for the environment than plastic yet just as durable. Florists love the waterproof pots as they avoid the need for a plastic liner and the size and shape easily fits hand-tied bouquets so no need to use floral foam.

There are just so many applications for paper pottery. 

See the latest ranges from Import Ants, Stand 908 at AGHA Melbourne Gift Fair at the MCEC (Doors 9-19) 3-7 August 2019.

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