Register now to see Cool Clutch at Stand 91W in The Launch Pad at Melbourne Showgrounds (Exhibition Pavilion) during the AGHA Melbourne Gift Fair, 5-9 August 2017.

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What new and exciting ranges are you launching at the AGHA Melbourne Gift Fair?

Cool Clutch sell a range of fashion bags with a Cool Secret. Their Cool Secret is that every product sold by Cool Clutch has an element of insulation. Whether it is the whole handbag or a removable pocket, each of our handbags have this cool secret.

What is the inspiration behind your product ranges?

At Cool Clutch we have solved the age old problem of how to keep your stuff cool without looking like you are. We have combined the 2 functions of a handbag and a cooler bag together and created the Cool Clutch Cooler Handbag. A handbag and a cooler bag in one.

A Cool Clutch is a beautiful stylish handbag that holds your normal handbag contents, however in addition every handbag has an element of cooler bag insulation turning it from just a handbag into a Cooler Handbag. A handbag that can keep your wine or water cool and your makeup or lipstick from melting and also assist those that need to keep medication within a certain temperature range.

The added unique feature of some of our Cool Clutch range is a removable insulated cooler pocket, which has been granted an Australian Innovation Patent. Cool Clutch are currently lodging a Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) in Geneva for an international Patent of this innovation.

What is your point of difference?

Our focus is on helping women all over the world to carry what is important to them, and keep it cool without looking like they are. If we are to do that then we need to spread the word worldwide. Therefore our focus is on growth. Grow the word of Cool Clutch will grow the number of women we are able to help look classy and stylish. Currently to do that we are using several ways to get Cool Clutch out to women worldwide. We have connected with several Social Influencers and have received excellent feedback and support. Concentrating on Australia and New Zealand we hope to expand our networking overseas in the next few months once we have done more analysis on costs for exporting our product. Our online presence is strong with good interacting followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pintrest. We engage our followers with competitions and have excellent uptake and we also get our followers to help name future products, come up with colours and feedback how they use our products. We attend our local market each month as a marketing exercise to gain a better understanding of who our customers are and what they want. This has helped us grow our product offering and help women carry what is important to them, in a cool section inside their handbags. Now your cooler handbag can match their outfit or simply be a fashion statement of its own.

Register now to see Cool Clutch at Stand 91W in The Launch Pad at Melbourne Showgrounds (Exhibition Pavilion) during the AGHA Melbourne Gift Fair, 5-9 August 2017, or view their Instagram and Facebook accounts.