Pick up the ShavEzy at Stand 4E19 in The Launch Pad.

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What new and exciting ranges are you launching at the AGHA Sydney Gift Fair?

ShavEzy – is the stable and stylish shower foot rest that makes shaving your legs easy. This compact foldaway shower stool fits neatly in the corner of your shower and even offers storage for your bathroom accessories.

5e75bf1958044f56bb4ae7c75f9a40b4What is the inspiration behind your product ranges?

The inspiration was the daily struggle that women have when shaving their legs in the shower. No more of the daily gymnastics routine to safely and conveniently shave your legs.

What is your point of difference?

The ShavEzy shower foot rest makes shaving safer and more convenient for you, whether you’re:

  • suffering from back or knee pain
  • pregnant and finding it hard to bend down!
  • an avid cyclist or swimmer who likes to keep your legs smooth and fast
  • simply looking for an easier way to shave in the shower.

What is the story behind your product?3cf12fe47ce54ab69eb15d5f16ceb160

I designed the ShavEzy out of necessity. I got tired of not been able to safely shave my legs in the shower without doing some crazy gymnastics routine. There was nothing on the market to suit my needs so I decided to design my own shower foot rest. Years of careful research and development has resulted in one of the most stable and safest products available anywhere in the world.

Pick up the ShavEzy at Stand 4E19 in The Launch Pad during the AGHA Sydney Gift Fair, 18-21 February 2017.