Visit Squid Ink Art in The Launch Pad at Stand 4T4.

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Perfect for: Boutique gift stores, toy / childrens stores, homewares, stationery, newsagents, souvenir, tourist stores / areas

What new and exciting ranges are you launching at the AGHA Sydney Gift Fair?

We’re launching several new ranges and products at the Sydney fair that we are really excited about. These include a growth chart of the young giraffe (our most popular design), notepads, cushion covers, and tote bags. We also have diversified our range of print and card designs. We have added to our children’s range, as well as adding native Australian animal designs, Parisian-themed shop fronts, as well as a more symbolic, adult-aimed black and white range.

0fefd7090b734477935f8a8ce52da4b8What is the inspiration behind your product ranges?

There is a variety of inspirations behind the different ranges. For example, a love of travel has inspired the Parisian-themed range of shop fronts. The black and white range was inspired by symbols that have a stronger emotional meaning to people, such as the anchor representing stability and the compass representing drive and direction. The children’s range is inspired by imagination, creativity and instilling a love of reading in children.

What is your point of difference?19a5162451c94caca5773f9920c9617e

All of our artwork is hand drawn the traditional way, using ink, gouache and watercolour. All of our designs are created by us and made locally in Australia (Melbourne). The materials are carefully hand selected by us for their quality and longevity.

What is the story behind your products?

Artwork has always been a part of Noelenes life, and she loves drawing from ideas often inspired by the stories that she reads and favourite childhood books (a theme which keeps recurring throughout some of the ranges). The opportunity to start Squid Ink Art came about when our now 18 month old daughter was born. Michael (the business-mind) managed to convince Noelene to create a range that people would enjoy, while being different to what is currently in the market, yet true to her artistic style.

Visit Squid Ink Art in The Launch Pad at Stand 4T4 during the AGHA Sydney Gift Fair, 18-21 February 2017.