British Prime Minister Theresa May is synonymous with bold choices when it comes to style.

The politician recently added a bright pop of colour to her tailored suit with international jewellery brand Jackie Brazil, while on official diplomatic duties with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in January.

We caught up with Jackie Brazil owner Gus Pretel about how Theresa May came to be photographed wearing the “Kandinsky Riverstones” necklace, how to incorporate the brand into any sartorial repertoire and the exciting new product ranges Jackie Brazil will feature at the upcoming AGHA Sydney Gift Fair at Sydney Olympic Park (23-26 February 2019). 

How did the British Prime Minister Theresa May come to have the Kandinsky Riverstones necklace?

“I sent the necklace as a gift to the UK PM last December. The idea of our gift was to recognise the PM's work during Brexit negotiations and to highlight the colourful possibilities of Great Britain in the future.”

How would you describe your reaction to seeing Theresa May photographed in Jackie Brazil?

“I was delighted and honoured to see Theresa May wearing our necklace at the meeting with Shinzo Abe. The PM is known to have a great sense for wearing the right fashion accessory. On this occasion, our Riverstone Kandinsky mix necklace matched her suit perfectly, creating the right visual impact, sending a message of self-confidence and independence to a global audience. Simply brilliant.”

Which other Jackie Brazil jewellery products would you recommend pairing with a power suit?

"I would recommend several necklaces and bracelets that can match a power suit, customers can perhaps mix a colourful necklace with a wide and elasticated bracelet. We carry over 15 colour options that can certainly fulfil the needs of any colour palette!”

Is Jackie Brazil launching new products at AGHA Sydney Gift Fair 2019?

“We will be launching 70 new products at AGHA Sydney Gift Fair this February, which will be our biggest and strongest range ever. The focus will be on our natural, marine and urban colour mixes.”

Do you have any other exciting updates that you’d like to share?

“I was away on holidays and upon arrival going through the mail at home, I found a letter from the PM thanking me for the gift and wishing us a great 2019. I was simply in shock and without words. It was magical!”

See Jackie Brazil at Stand 4N3 at AGHA Sydney Gift Fair - 23-26 February 2019 | Sydney Olympic Park.

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