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Returning Visitors 

Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park
23-26 February 2019 | Opening Hours: Sat-Mon 9am-6pm, Tue 9am-3pm

If you have attended one of our events before, you do not need to create a new registration. Instead, simply log in using the registration ID Number you have been issued and confirm your registration for the upcoming Gift Fair.

To confirm your details, simply click on the 'confirm your details' button below and follow the quick and easy steps. Please check that all contact details, postal and email address are all correct before completing.

All AGHA Retailer Member registrations will be automatically processed each calendar year. 

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Please note, all returning visitors are required to register each calendar year online and registration is valid for one calendar year only, no matter which point of the year you register. If you register between October-December, then your registration will expire in December the following year.