We are thrilled to announce something new for Polly finds beautiful things. We are now inviting designer/makers to share their creative stories on our website, along with information about the beautiful things they make. Our first exclusive invitations are being emailed out this week, so keep an eye on your inbox if you are a designer/maker of beautiful things!

We are also opening applications as from today until 31 October 2016 for 25 invitations which can be applied for by independent designers in the categories of homewares, textiles, ceramics, fashion/accessories and stationery.

That could be you, or someone you know! So how can you apply to be featured?

There are three ways:

  1. Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and include a link to your website so we can see what you do and whether you are a good fit for Polly finds beautiful things. We will be picking our 25 favourites at the end of the month.
  2. You can upload one of your product images on Instagram and use the hashtag #pollyfinds
  3. Go to our Instagram account and on our launch post (the same as the image below) you can leave a message with the word 'Apply'. You can also tag your favourite designers to let them know about the invitations too!

polly invite


Feel free to help us spread the word by forwarding this blog post or share our Instagram posts with your creative friends!

As our site grows, we aim to create a valuable and inspiring resource for designer/makers, industry professionals and lovers of beautiful things. One easy place to find beautiful products with links back to designer's websites and stockists page, and inspiring stories about their creative small businesses.


I started Polly finds beautiful things in February 2016 as a creative outlet and a way to help fulfill my passion about small creative business. In that short time I have learnt so much and met the most incredibly creative, kind and generous people. I have been inspired by their stories and by the beautiful things I have discovered and experienced along the way. I find people love to hear the inspiring stories behind the products, as well as to be able to find the products themselves. It makes the beautiful things to gift or cherish even more special when there is a story to tell.

Our website is about serving others. We want to help share the stories of small creative businesses and let others know about the beautiful things they make. Why? Because it always amazes me how many creatives are working more than one job and often juggling parenthood with young children to look after too! To these people – I take my hat off. But more than that, I want to be able to offer something to support them. Many small business owners often don’t have either the time or big budgets to outsource and help spread the word about what they do. Hence, our exciting announcement this week!


I would like to thank everyone who has supported Polly finds beautiful things so far – it means a lot and has been very much appreciated.

We are looking forward bringing you more inspiring creative biz stories and helping you discover beautiful things made by independent designer/makers from around the world.


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Guest Blog

by Sue Pollard, Polly finds beautiful things

Polly finds beautiful things is a Sydney based blog about talented creatives and the things they make or do to make the world a more exciting place to live in. With a history in newspapers and magazines its editor, Sue Pollard, took the plunge to enter the world of blogging and hasn’t looked back. She travels often between Australia, the USA and the UK, bringing the best of independent designers and shopkeepers to the pages of her blog. It’s a dream job – and one she loves sharing with her readers.

Website: www.pollyfindsbeautifulthings.com

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