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All business owners have legal oblogations to provide a healthy and safe work environment for workers free of harassment, intimidation and bullying. The scope of that duty is not limited. Workers who suffer as a result of such unacceptable behaviour have various avenues to sue their employer.

Fines and Consequences

Such claims will be made against the employer and may also name directos, senior managers and company owners as respondents in such litigation. If it is found that the conduct occurred and that the employer is responsibible for it not occuring...well let’s just say you should probably dust off the cheque book.

Employers may have to pay damages to the employee and fines to the prosecuting agency, as well as reputational damage. Depending upon the gravity of the conduct, decisions have been known to cost employers millions of dollars.

In addition to possible fines and damages payout, harassment in the workplace has a detrimental effect on the workplace generally, employee productivity and to the reputation of your business.

Deal With It

As business owners you cannot expect employees to just tolerate inappropriate behaviour from customers and or know how to deal with it. From a business perspective, it is part of your risk management and should be addressed.

While we good people at Workforce Guardian are always happy to represent and defend a business client in a tribunal or court, we would rather you contact us earlier for advice and the undertakings you can implement to minimise your exposure to what could have been an otherwise avoidable claim.

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