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Melbourne Gift Fair 2023

Exhibitor Manual 


Saturday 5th August – Wednesday 9th August 2023

The Exhibitor Manual

This Exhibitor Manual is essential reading for all exhibitors taking part in Melbourne Gift Fair and contains important and comprehensive information regarding the rules and regulations as well as your obligations for exhibiting. It is the responsibility of all exhibitors to read and understand all details, rules and regulations outlined in the Exhibitor Manual and also to ensure anyone involved in the building of, transporting goods to, or working on your stand have access to and comply with these regulations.

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The Online Exhibitor Portal (OEP)

Once you have completed reading the Exhibitor Manual, your Online Exhibitor Portal (OEP) is where you need to start planning for the event, this gives you access to all schedules, documents, deadlines and exhibitor forms and marketing information you need to have a successful experience exhibiting at Melbourne Gift Fair. To sign in, you will need your Username and Password, which were provided to you in your OEP Welcome email. If you cannot find this email, please also check your ‘other’ or ‘junk’ folders.


OEP Enquiries or Login Resend:

T | 02 9763 3222
E | events@agha.com.au

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Exhibitor Forms & Deadlines

As an exhibitor, you are required to complete all compulsory online forms prior to the deadlines. All forms are available in your OEP via the COMPULSORY FORMS tab or from your OEP Launch Email.


Compulsory Forms


–   Preview Advert – View Design Specs

DUE: Thursday 1st June 2023

SUBMIT TO: advertising@agha.com.au


–   Industry Catalogue Form

DUE: Thursday 1st June 2023


–   Stand Information Form

DUE: Friday 16th June 2023


–   Exhibitor Name Badge Pre-Registration Form

DUE: Friday 30th June 2023


–   Custom Stand Build Submission (all space only exhibitors)

DUE: Friday 30th June 2023

SUBMIT TO: events@agha.com.au


–   Online Exhibitor Directory Profile

UPDATE BY: Friday 18th July 2023


Optional Forms


–   Early Access Request Form

Access and complete via the OEP or OEP Launch Email


–   Lead Scan App Setup

Access in LEADS tab of OEP


–   GEL Freight Online Quote

CLICK HERE to access and complete


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Event Contacts

Organisers Office – Australian Gift & Homewares Association (AGHA)

POSTAL ADDRESS: Locked Bag 103, Silverwater, NSW, 1811

PHONE TOLL FREE: 1300 441 384

PHONE: 02 9763 3222

FAX: 02 9746 9955

WEBSITE: www.agha.com.au

EVENT ENQUIRIES: events@agha.com.au

SALES ENQUIRIES: sales@agha.com.au

MARKETING ENQUIRIES: marketing@agha.com.au 

ACCOUNTS ENQUIRIES: accounts@agha.com.au 


Venue – Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre (MCEC)

VENUE ADDRESS: 1 Convention Centre Place, South Wharf, VIC, 3006

DELIVERY ADDRESS: Loading Dock, Off Normanby Road, South Wharf, VIC, 3006

PHONE: 03 9235 8110

FAX: 03 9235 8121

EMAIL: exservices@mcec.com.au

WEBSITE: https://mcec.com.au/exhibitors 

Special approval is required from MCEC’s Exhibitor Services and the event organiser for unique activations eg. Vehicles on the show floor, open flames, balloons etc.

Please note there is a 7 business-day deadline prior to the event beginning to finalise orders.

MCEC SITE INDUCTION: CLICK HERE to access & complete



Stand Build / Rigging – Harry the Hirer

CONTACT: Melissa Hinton

PHONE: 02 9666 8699

FAX: 02 9666 1988

EMAIL: agha@harrythehirer.com.au

WEBSITE: www.harrythehirer.com.au


Freight Forwarder & Loading Dock Management – GEL Event Logistics

CONTACT: Chris O’Sullivan

PHONE: 1300 013 533

MOBILE: 0418 178 688

EMAIL: chris@gelevents.com.au



Registration, Badges & Lead Capture

EMAIL: events@agha.com.au


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Access Dates & Times


Early Access – permission required

>   Tuesday 1st August: 8am – 6pm

>   Wednesday 2nd August: 8am – 6pm

Normal Exhibitor Access & Freight Deliveries

>   Thursday 3rd August: 8am – 9pm

>   Friday 4th August: 8am – 6pm



>   Saturday 5th August: 9am – 6pm (exhibitor access from 8am)

>   Sunday 6th August: 9am – 6pm (exhibitor access from 8:30am)

>   Monday 7th August: 9am – 6pm (exhibitor access from 8:30am)

>   Tuesday 8th August: 9am – 6pm (exhibitor access from 8:30am)

>   Wednesday 9th August: 9am – 3pm (exhibitor access from 8:30am)



>   Wednesday 9th August: 3pm – 9pm

>   Thursday 10th August: 7am – 2pm



–   If you require early access on Tuesday 1/8 or Wednesday 2/8, please complete the Early Access Request Form to gain approval – access via your Online Exhibitor Portal (OEP) or from your OEP Launch Email.

–   There is no early access for exhibitors located in the Eureka Room or Eureka Foyer spaces.

     Pallet & box onsite storage is available during move in to store your pallets & boxes. Keep in mind onsite & box storage cannot be accessed during the operational days of the event and will only be returned during move out so do not put anything into the storage that you need during the course of the event.



–   If you are using the pallet & box onsite storage for the duration of the event, keep in mind the return of your onsite & box storage during move out can take a few hours and there will be no express return of the onsite & box storage for exhibitors who have accidently booked early flights on Wednesday evening. Please factor in a few hours for return of onsite & box storage on top of the time you need to physically pack up.

–   Move out will only commence once all visitors have left the trade floor and all exhibitors have safety vests and closed-in shoes on. Under no circumstances are children aged 14yrs or under permitted to be on-site past 3.00pm.

–   Exhibitors in the Eureka Room and Eureka Foyer spaces must completely move-out by 9.00pm on Wednesday 9th August.

–   Any freight NOT collected by 2.00pm on Thursday 10th August will be taken to GEL EVENT LOGISTICS depot and charged at the exhibitor’s expense.



To place your items in storage, visit GEL at any loading dock door to collect your coloured stickers and plastic pallet covers. Attach these to your storage items and advise GEL when your storage is ready to be taken out of the halls. GEL will remove your items to storage as soon as possible or at the end of the day if your items have a sticker on them.



You will not be able to access any items places in storage during the exhibition days, please ensure any items you require (stock, safety vests or shoes) are taken out before this is stored. Under no circumstances should product or valuables be stored in your boxes or crates.

If you have booked flights early in the afternoon of move out, you will not receive your boxes and pallets from the onsite storage for a few hours, so keep this in mind when booking flights as there will be no express return of storage. The storage is staged on the loading dock according to stand placement and returned in a specific order.



–   Any freight that is left behind at the venue after 2.00pm on Thursday 10th August is classified as abandoned freight. AGHA have a responsibility to get ALL freight off the floor by this time in order to have the space cleaned and handed back to the venue by a specific time, therefore, all abandoned freight is sent off-site to GEL depot at an additional cost to the exhibitor for transport and storage.

–   Exhibitors with abandoned freight will receive a phone call before this happens. Please ensure you have a contact number on your freight label of someone who will not be in transit at the time of move-out. Unfortunately, there is only so long we can wait until we need to make a call for the pallets/crates to be removed from the venue.

–   In the past, reasons for abandoned freight have been due to external freight companies either turning up late onsite after 2.00pm OR turning up and not having a consignment note for a client. If you are using an external freight provider, please ensure they understand that a consignment note is required when collecting freight and that they MUST collect before 2.00pm Thursday 10th August.

–   Any items left behind that is not labelled will be deemed as rubbish and disposed of. Waste removal costs will be on-charged to the exhibitor.


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MCEC Loading Dock

Loading Dock Delivery Address

Loading Dock, Off Normanby Road, South Wharf, VIC, 3006

Accessed from Normanby Road and located at the rear of the Exhibition Centre, this loading dock runs the full length of the building. Traffic on the dock flows in one direction. A 30-minute parking limit applies for dropoff / pick-up of goods during the move-in/move-out process. Vehicles are not permitted to park on either loading dock at any time. Children under 15 and animals are not permitted on any loading dock. The loading dock is managed and controlled by MCEC’s Logistics department.


Exhibition Doors 1 – 10

They run the full length of the Exhibition Centre and is 45m deep. The loading dock narrows above the entries to the underground car park and behind the kiosks. Traffic flows in a one-way direction in from and out to Normanby Road. All vehicles entering the loading dock will be required to check in at the boom gate. If not manned, please use the intercom and speak to security.


Exhibition Doors 11 – 17

This loading dock is split across two levels (‘upper’ and ‘lower’). The upper dock is at the same level as the floor of Exhibition Bays 21-26 and is the main dock used for Exhibition bump in’s. Adjacent to Door 11, is a separate loading area and door that provides access to the Eureka Room and foyer. The lower dock is intended for use by smaller vehicles (up to 8m), couriers and exhibitors. This dock is at street level. There is a ramp, stairs and two dock levelers to provide access between the two loading docks. The Exhibition
Centre Doors 11-17 (Bays 21-24) loading dock is linked via an internal road network to all existing loading docks.


Loading Dock Guidelines

Whilst driving on the loading dock, please turn on your hazard lights and drive slowly, looking out for pedestrians and other vehicles.

–   A 30-minute unload limit applies to all vehicles on the loading dock. Times for
larger vehicles are at the loading dock attendant’s discretion.

–   Any person wishing to gain access to the venue outside the scheduled hours
must seek approval from the venue through the Event Organiser at least
24hours in advance.

–   There is no parking on the loading dock at any time during move in and move
out of the exhibition.

–   The venue and event security are responsible for allowing access to the
loading dock and into the Exhibition Halls.

–   By law, the venue is required to maintain clear access for egress from all
emergency exit doors leading onto the loading dock.

–   There will be a holding lane where vehicles can wait for loading dock access
when required. All drivers must stay within their vehicles whilst in the holding


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Freight & Logistics

GEL Event Logistics are the contracted freight forwarder. Contact them directly for all your freight & logistical requirements.

Access and download the following for your freight requirements:


Using a different freight company?

If you have appointed a freight forwarder different to GEL Event Logistics, please provide them this freight manual as GEL Event Logistics will still be managing all incoming and outgoing freight onsite.

Access and download the Freight Manual and pass onto your appointed freight company:


Forklift Services

Forklift services are not included during early access. If you have been granted early access and require this service, please contact GEL EVENT LOGISTICS for forklift pricing and bookings.


Freight Forwarder & Loading Dock Management – GEL Event Logistics

CONTACT: Chris O’Sullivan

PHONE: 1300 013 533

MOBILE: 0418 178 688

EMAIL: chris@gelevents.com.au


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Stand Build & Info

Harry the Hirer are the contracted stand builders and will be constructing all shell scheme package stands onsite.

Contact them directly for all your stand enquiries or upgrades.


Upgrades include:

–   Custom flooring

–   Signage

–   Lighting

–   Shelving

–   Furniture

–   Rigging


If you have any issues with support nibs affecting your stand design, please contact Harry the Hirer prior to the exhibition to discuss alternate support options. Harry the hirer cannot guarantee the removal of nibs but will attempt to assist your preferences where possible. Any issues onsite please approach the Harry the hirer service desk, do not remove them yourself.


Stand Build / Rigging – Harry the Hirer

CONTACT: Melissa Hinton

PHONE: 02 9666 8699

FAX: 02 9666 1988

EMAIL: agha@harrythehirer.com.au

WEBSITE: www.harrythehirer.com.au


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Exhibitor Stand Packages

Exhibitor Stand Packages

Your stand package is chosen at the time of your booking with your account manager.

Access the complete stand package document and cheat sheets below for more information.

The standard packages are:


–   Shell Scheme package WITH fascia

–   Shell Scheme package WITHOUT fascia


–   Space Only package (must submit custom stand design build plan)



Signature Feature Stand Packages:


–   Australian Made Pavilion


–   Artisan Lane

   –   Marketplace

   –   New Product Showcase


Access and download the complete stand package guide below:


Stand Package Enquiries:

T | 02 9763 3222
E | sales@agha.com.au


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Do Not Remove Any Support Walls (Nibs)

–   A 50cm support wall will be required for every 3 metres of lineal walling for stands with no fascia structure. These will stop your wall from falling.

–   Exhibitors are strictly prohibited from removing any support walling (nibs) without Harry the Hirer present.

–   If you need to adjust a support or need to remove them as you attach your own support walls – you MUST see assistance from Harry the hirer, go to their service desk onsite to seek assistance. No exceptions, do not remove the nib yourself for your own and others safety.


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Additional Resources

Summary of Additional Resources:


GEL Event Logistics

–   Freight transport

–   Forklift hire


GEL Event Logistics Enquiries:

T | 1300 013 533
E | chris@gelevents.com.au


Harry the Hirer

–   Furniture hire

–   Signage

–   Walls

–   Custom Flooring

–   Power

–   Lighting

–   Shelving

–   AV hire

–   Custom stand builds

–   Rigging of banners & lighting


Harry the Hirer Enquiries:

T | 02 9666 8699
E | agha@harrythehirer.com.au


Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre (MCEC)

–   Stand & staff catering

–   Internet / Wifi

–   Pre-book venue parking


Venue Enquiries:

T | 03 9235 8110
E | exservices@mcec.com.au

Website: https://mcec.com.au/exhibitors

Special approval is required from MCEC’s Exhibitor Services and the event organiser for unique activations eg. Vehicles on the show floor, open flames, balloons etc.

Please note there is a 7 business-day deadline prior to the event beginning to finalise orders.



–   Test & tag service

–   Additional marketing opportunities

–   Gift Fair LIVE sessions

–   Graphic design services

–   New product showcase display

–   Media releases and PR exhibitor PR

–   Online directory upgrades


AGHA Enquiries | Additional Marketing Opportunities:

T | 02 9763 3222
E | sales@agha.com.au


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Work, Health & Safety Guidelines

–   High vis safety vests and closed toe shoes are required during move-in and move-out.

–   Children under the age of 14 are not permitted access to the halls at any time during move-in and move-out.

–   Exhibitors must not remove any support nibs from walling. Visit HTH service desk for assistance.

–   All electrical equipment must be Tested & Tagged prior to the event. Double adapters are not permitted.

–   A fire extinguisher is required on your stand if you have lit candles or naked flames. Exhibitors must review all fire safety guidelines.

–   If first aid is required please approach your nearest security guard or AGHA staff member. Do not call 000 if an ambulance is required. Go through security.

–   Exhibitors must comply with all Local, State and Federal Statutory Regulations, including the Building Codes of Australia and all current Australian Standards.

–   Persons operating equipment during the event must be a current holder of the relevant certificate or license as required by law to operate such equipment.

–   In the event of a fire or evacuation, follow AGHA and venue staff to the assembly area and check all staff are present.

–   All aisle-ways must be not be obstructed in any way, at any time. Exhibitors must not encroach with any product or items.

–   If bringing your own lights, halogen or tungsten globes are not permitted to be used by exhibitors.

–   Do not stand on the top step of a ladder!


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Stand Conditions, Regulations & Procedures

–   Personal shopping / cash sales by exhibitors is not permitted on the last day of the event or at any time during the event.

–   All exhibitors are bound by the rules and regulations of the venue. All displays must be fully contained within the area of the stand.

–   Exhibitors are not permitted to walk onto other stands at anytime after hours. When the event closes for the day, exhibitors are to directly exit the venue.

–   Over-height walls over 2.4m must be approved in writing by AGHA. Reverse side of any over-height walls must be a clean image in either black or white.

–   Walling must not be placed along more than 50% of any aisle frontage. Walls on aisles must be dressed with product which are to be entirely attached to the walls and not sitting on the floor.

–   Exhibitors are responsible for any damage they cause and must bear any charges levied by the venue.

–   Photography and videography is banned unless written approval is obtained by the organiser or permission is granted by the exhibitor.

–   Any food & beverage selling or sampling must be approved by the venue.

–   All staff working on stands must wear and display an exhibitor badge during the operational trading hours of the exhibition.

–   All exhibitors and contractors must abide by the code of ethics and WHS guidelines at all times.

Access & download the complete



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Thank You

Thank you for reading the Melbourne Gift Fair 2023 AGHA Exhibitor Manual.

By signing your Exhibition Agreement, you are agreeing to abide by the terms and conditions, rules and regulations outlined in this Exhibitor Manual.



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