Terms & Conditions

AGHA Gift Fairs are committed to providing a professional trade environment for both buyers
and exhibitors. By attending AGHA Gift Fairs, you agree to the below terms and conditions:

Conditions of Entry
All buyers must register to attend AGHA Gift Fairs and provide the appropriate documentation. Registered buyers will receive a Print@Home badge which is required for entry. Your badge gives you access into AGHA Gift Fairs ONLY. If you wish to attend any other events within the calendar year you will be required to register separately.

Register to Attend
All trade visitors must pre-register to attend online. Attendance is free for registered trade visitors.

Group Registrations
Due to new COVID-Safe event practices group registration is no longer available. Each visitor is required to complete a new registration with a unique email address and mobile number.

Accompanying Guests
In order to avoid any unnecessary costs, we recommend that all legitimate trade attendees register as a buyer. Guest registration will not be available onsite, please complete a new registration for your guest and select the ‘Buying Assistant’ option in the questionnaire. Guests are not permitted entry on the final day of the Gift Fair.

Gift Industry Cards (GIC)
GIC Cards are no longer valid or in circulation and are now replaced with Print@Home badges.

Any person must NOT attend an AGHA Gift Fair if:

  • • They have been asked to self-quarantine due to overseas or interstate travel or have visited an identified COVID-19 hotspot.
  • • They have been in close contact with a person who has coronavirus (COVID-19) in the last 14 days.
  • • They have a temperature 37.5 degrees or higher or flu-like symptoms (e.g. cough or sore throat).


Any person attending an AGHA Gift Fair agree to:

  • • Provide accurate and unique contact details when registering to attend (all visitors must complete a new registration with a unique mobile number and email address)
  • • Wear a face mask at all times (unless an official exemption has been obtained prior to the event and relevant documentation is shown)
  • • Maintain 1.5m distance from others at all times
  • • Practice good hand hygiene using at the signed sanitiser stations as well as washing hands frequently
  • • Use appropriate cough and sneeze etiquette
  • • Not partake in hand shaking, hugging or any other close contact greeting
  • • Be seated when consuming food or beverages
  • • Provide full name and contact details upon registration and entry


NOTE: Anyone caught entering with another person’s name badge or without a unique registration will be excluded from the event and will not be able to return.

Sydney Gift Fair is a COVID SAFE event
AGHA will provide a best practice COVID SAFE environment for the SYDNEY GIFT FAIR and adhere to all current NSW Public Health Orders and recommendations. BUT the most important aspect of maintaining a safe environment is to understand that common sense and personal wellbeing is everyone’s responsibility. It is important to note that the exhibition floor is not different to a shopping centre except far more controls will be in place.

Some of the specific procedures being implemented –

  • • As per NSW Public Health Orders face masks will be mandatory during move in, operational days and move out. It will be a strict condition of entry that face masks are worn at all times unless an official exemption has been obtained prior to the event and relevant documentation available. AGHA will be providing face masks for visitors requiring them and sanitising stations throughout the exhibition.
  • • Exhibitors are encouraged to provide sanitiser and a Covid safe environment on their stands where possible.
  • • AGHA will have complete contact details for every person involved in the event and for the first-time unique emails and phone numbers for every person
  • • Enhanced social distancing particularly in regard queuing, catering and visitor flow
  • • Contactless registration, specific entrances and exits
  • • Wider aisleways
  • • Had approval from SOPA to move Parking from P5 to P1 (much closer and no need for shuttle buses). AGHA will pay for an open air shuttle train from P1 for those that may require transport.
  • • 6 Covid Safe marshals will be employed by AGHA to ensure a safe environment is implemented onsite and provide advice and assistance to exhibitors and visitors when necessary.


Vaccination Statement
In January 2022 AGHA sought specific advice from NSW Health regarding vaccination requirements for venues and events in NSW.

Most premises in NSW are now fully open to everyone, regardless of whether individuals are fully vaccinated or not. People no longer need to show evidence that they are fully vaccinated at most premises in NSW. In fact, people in NSW are no longer are required to carry evidence of vaccination.

Since December 15 2021, NSW shopping centres, venues, theatres, sporting stadiums, restaurants and all public transport are free from any vaccination status restrictions and as such this includes the Sydney Showground complex.

The only NSW Public Health Order that places a restriction on the Gift Fair is the requirement to wear face masks at all times while at the Fair and a 1 person per 2 square metre cap on attendees is in place.

In practical terms, to check the vaccination status of hundreds of people entering the venue would be a logistical nightmare, create a social distancing bottleneck and create significant angst amongst patrons not being required to produce vaccination status anywhere else in Sydney.

Based on this advice and the inherent logistical issues, AGHA has made the decision that there will be no vaccination requirement for the Sydney Gift Fair at this stage, but may change based on changing circumstances, ongoing advice or health orders.

Children & Babies
Sydney Gift Fair is a business event with no crèche facilities. Children under 14 years are not permitted entry. Babies aged 0-2 years are permitted entry when in a pram or carrying device. AGHA Gift Fairs are trade-only events and whilst AGHA endeavours to ensure the safety of all exhibitors and buyers, the placement of aisles and exhibitor stands in the exhibition halls is not sympathetic to the potential hazard to young children or the use of prams/strollers. If you take your child/ward or pram/stroller into AGHA Gift Fairs, you acknowledge that you have been informed you will be held liable for:

Any injury suffered by any persons as a result; and/or any damage to the exhibition halls, exhibitor stands and/or goods on display at the exhibition caused as a result of your entry accompanied by your child/ward or a pram/stroller.

You release and indemnify AGHA and their related businesses and companies against any damage to your property or injury suffered by you or your child/ward whilst you are in the exhibition halls.

Luggage, trolley bags and items larger than 50cm x 40cm wide and 25cm deep, are prohibited under Work Health & Safety regulations and can be stored within the designated cloakroom. AGHA reserves the right to use their discretion as they see fit.

Wheelchairs can be booked on-site at the Information Counters or prior to the Gift Fair. Please email contact@agha.com.au or call 1300 441 384 for further information or to make a wheelchair booking.

AGHA is committed to achieving the highest standards in all aspects of health and safety for persons at AGHA Gift Fairs. Please conduct yourself, and persons who accompany you (including children), in a safe and appropriate manner at all times.

Whilst AGHA provides necessary security during the Gift Fair, the AGHA, the venue, nor any of their employees will be held accountable or liable for any damage, loss, harm or injury of any kind to buyers or their property whilst at the Gift Fair. AGHA reserves the right to refuse entry or remove any persons at AGHA’s discretion, in particular those who are selling products/services without the prior approval of AGHA.

Photography & Videography
AGHA reserves the right to take photographs at the AGHA Gift Fairs. By attending, you consent to be included in any photographs or videos taken by the official photographers which may be used for promotional, print and digital communications at the discretion of AGHA. All other photography and/or video recording is strictly prohibited at AGHA Gift Fairs.

Use of your Personal Information

AGHA collects and uses your personal information as an attendee to the AGHA Gift Fairs. AGHA may contact you with important AGHA Gift Fair information or via surveys to conduct research. AGHA does not sell, rent or lease your information to third parties. AGHA may contact you on behalf of external business partners about a particular offering that may be of interest to you. Should you wish to unsubscribe, contact AGHA on 1300 441 384 or contact@agha.com.au

By allowing anyone other than AGHA or its contractors to scan your admission name badge you agree to allow that person access to all personal details stored on that badge and subsequently agree to release AGHA from any responsibility of the security and privacy of your details.

Cash Sales
To help us reduce congestion in thoroughfares and the elimination of cash and product handling we advise that personal shopping will not be permitted at any time during the show.

Final Day of the Gift Fair
Registration closes at midday on the last day of each AGHA Gift Fair. Please note that accompanying guests are not permitted entry on the final day of an AGHA Gift Fair.

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