Apsley & Company are market leaders in fragrance diffusers.

With the festive season beckoning, thoughts turn to gift giving and filling the home with the warmth and magic of Christmas.

Apsley and Company, market leaders in fragrance diffusers offer a world of premium scents designed to transform any room into a desired theme.

Introducing home fragrance diffusers to Australia in the mid 90’s, the company’s premium brands Scented Space® and Abode Aroma® are clear market leaders and proudly Australian owned.


Scented Space® fragrance diffusers are deliciously desirable. The sophistication of premium fragrances developed by exquisite perfumers who crafted for Gucci, Guerlain and Dior contain 90% natural botanical oils (no water) and a complex blend of up to 200 fragrance elements which effortlessly envelope any room with an enchanting yet subtle aroma.

Independently tested against the top 10 international selling diffuser brands, Scented Space® diffusers performed to perfection lasting between 30% to 300% longer.

The 200ml fragrance diffusers last up to 6 months with the 100ml up to 4 months. This firmly establishes Scented Space® as the best on the market to date, lasting twice as long as other diffusers.

Sleek in design, Scented Space® fragrance diffusers make the perfect Christmas gift. The impeccable packaging tantalises the senses with the promise of a gift that won't disappoint.

With over five million Scented Space® fragrance diffusers sold worldwide, Scented Space® continues to captivate both here in Australia and internationally.


As market leading specialists in creating extraordinary fragrance for interiors, Apsley & Co. have developed Abode Aroma® scents to add a dash of luxury and style to any space.

From humble beginnings in a small factory in Melbourne, the highly regarded diffusers are now sold in prestige department and lifestyle stores in 34 countries, delighting customers worldwide.

Using colour as an inspiration for fragrance creation and striking packaging design, the Abode Aroma® collection is designed to enhance everyday living experience.

Apsley & Co. are recognised as having developed a unique formulation that is unrivaled in delivering both exquisite fragrance and exceptional longevity.

Working in collaboration with some of the world’s most gifted perfumers, they use only the finest raw materials.

Independently tested by Eurofin Scientific against top international brands, Abode Aroma® has shown to be the best performing diffuser, lasting up to twice as long as many other diffusers.

Learn more at www.apsleyandcompany.com or visit Stand 2V9 at AGHA Sydney Gift Fair, 18-21 February 2017.

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