Greenvalley’s chopping boards are made from the ornamental and aromatic Camphor Laurel tree.

As an introduced species to Australia, local councils are aiming to maintain ecological balance by encouraging the removal of these trees.

Greenvalley harvests Camphor Laurel for the replanting of native species and grazing. In this way, the choice of material reflects the desire to protect our ecological system and save our planet.

These boards will last for many years and become a much-loved part of everyday dining. The connection and artistry of preparing and presenting food will be something that you will look forward to each day.

Camphor Laurel is a caring choice for household applications due to its antibacterial nature and distinct feel.

Its pleasant aroma adds a layer of experience in preparing and presenting a meal. Each board is handmade from a single piece of solid timber without any joining, which creates strength, longevity and grain continuity.

The natural pattern is uniquely revealed in every board, giving all products their own personality.

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