See the newest products added to the beautiful and unique 2019 collection.

This collection is curated with the customer in mind with every piece is carefully selected to emulate a feeling of homeliness balanced with sophistication.

Here, we speak to AGHA Melbourne Gift Fair exhibitor and Darlin (Aust) owner Michelle Lawson about what visitors can expect at Stand 434 when Australia’s largest industry-led retail trade exhibition returns this August.

Why should gift and homewares stockists visit your stand at AGHA Melbourne Gift Fair?

Every July, we offer our largest collection of new products.Sometimes photos don’t do justice to just how unique and well crafted our products are so we recommend coming in and visiting our stand so that you can see first hand our new quality products.

Our friendly and helpful team at DARLIN also love to see our existing customers as well as meeting new ones.

How would you describe your products to people who haven’t seen them before?

Quite simply, unique. We focus on every product having a handmade element as we do not like the ‘mass produced’ look.

Some of the range is designed by us to avoid stocking the same products as other wholesalers.

Equally important, is that we seek sustainable and eco-friendly products from the design and right down to the packaging. Over the years we have always be told how different our products are which makes us extremely proud.

What are the key design trends including styles, colours or patterns in your sector?

This year we have a strong focus on styles, colour combinations and textures that create elegant stories. We are very excited with seven distinctively unique ranges this year! These styles include:

  • Middle Eastern - soft navy, rich oranges and embellished metals
  • Classic Coastal - ocean blues and timeless nautical themes and textures
  • Neutral & Natural - white and neutral shades
  • Casual Beach House - sea-grass and muted shades
  • Inside Out - getting back to nature
  • Urban Edge - black and tan and contemporary elegance
  • Hospitality - handcrafted solid piece Acacia Wood products

Will Darlin Aust launch a new product range at AGHA Melbourne Gift Fair?

YES! We have over 150 new products in our collection that will be launched in Melbourne.

Which pieces would you recommend to buyers looking for their next best-seller?

Gift Fairs tend to be fast paced so take the time to look behind every nook and cranny and keep an open mind whilst searching for that something different. 

Stay away from mainstream, mass produced products and instead invest in quality decorative pieces that will give your customers the wow-factor both in the home or as a gift.

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