The best-selling Pocket Kite from House of Marbles has landed in Australia.

This brilliant kite comes packed in a handy portable bag for easy storage and use and unfolds to a surprisingly good size.

It flies beautifully without too much skill required making it the perfect gift for young beginners or for children more advanced.

You’ll also receive a unique counter display to present them in so they will look fantastic in your shop displays.

Don’t miss this must-have kite for your spring and summer collections.   

A truly gorgeous set for the collector or advanced marble player are the Traditional Marble Games.

This high quality set from House of Marbles contains a beautiful selection of its best-selling marbles, a solid wooden archboard for shooting marbles through, a cotton bag and an instruction booklet full of tips and the world’s best marble games. 

The company also offers a unique collection of handmade marbles and marble games for the marble enthusiast.

A fabulous version of one of the world’s oldest and best-loved games is Cat’s Cradle.

This wonderful edition comes in a retro-inspired envelope and includes a colourful string and a series of crafty cord configurations that will keep active minds entertained for hours.

You’ll also receive a charming counter display to present your games in making them incredibly appealing and very easy to retail.

If you’re looking for games inspired by original games of generations past then look no further than House of Marbles and its popular version of Jacks.

This exciting playground game is jam-packed with nostalgia and includes everything you need for hours of good old fashioned fun.

It comes presented in a vibrant counter display that will really stand out from the crowd. You can also find other family favourites including Tiddlywinks and Pick-Up Sticks on the company’s website.

See the latest ranges from House of Marbles, Stand 1207 at AGHA Melbourne Gift Fair at the MCEC (Doors 9-19) 3-7 August 2019. 

Registration is essential for free, fast-track entry. Don’t miss out and register online here.