The Zojirushi vacuum insulated products has one important feature.

Established in 1918 in Japan, vacuum insulation technology is what got Care With You started as a company. 

The pursuit for excellence has allowed it to develop products that exceed its customers’ expectations for the ability to retain your hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold.

Bottles & mugs―how long can your bottle keep your ice cubes for? Ice cubes will melt in most bottles within four to eight hours, while some last up to 12 hours. But most Zojirushi bottles can keep your ice cubes for more than 48 hours! Guaranteed!

Food jars, the traveler’s companion―most food jars can keep your food/soup hot for certain hours, but the Zojirushi food jar not only keeps your food hot/cold, it can cook pasta in 20 minutes, or rice in 45 minutes. It’s great for campers or hikers.

Lunch jars―eating at restaurants isn’t the only way to enjoy a hot lunch. Thanks to Zojirushi, the concept that a meal can be as fresh as when you’ve cooked it can extend beyond your kitchen and out to your workplace or school.

Meet the hi-tech version of a brown paper bag―insulated, protective and compartmentalised. Your mom’s lunches aren’t going to be what they used to be anymore.

Unique sports bottles with double coating interior―designed to keep your isotonic/sports drinks ICY cold, the Zojirushi Sports range has double non-stick coating interior to prevent the minerals in your drink from interacting with the stainless steel body, causing a change in taste and loss of minerals. Available in 600ml, 800ml or 2L, it will keep your sports drinks ICY COLD this summer.

See the latest ranges from Care With You, Stand 2B16 at AGHA Sydney Gift Fair, 23-26 February 2019.

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