Discover handcrafted items featuring the art of Australian indigenous artists.

In a world of mass produced gifts and souvenirs, Kangaroo Gifts stands out as a purveyor of unique leather merchandise which fuses indigenous culture with experienced artisans.

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Kangaroo Gifts collaborates with three Australian indigenous artists, each of whom possesses a distinctive and contemporary style. The business has developed unique brands for each artist and renders their art on each item in the collection. The artists are then rewarded with ongoing monthly royalty payments based on sales. 

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Every item is individually made and handpainted with a singular focus on quality and individuality to preserve the artists' interpretation. The ancient leather craft, like several others, is a dying trade and it is with a sense of urgency that Kangaroo Gifts makes an effort to protect these special skills through a variety of initiatives.

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Wearable and usable art is the foundation concept behind the development of this range. By combining this with the principles of shared earnings and preserved cultures, Kangaroo Gifts provides a very unique offering to retail customers who have experienced ongoing success with this choice of merchandise.

Register now to see Kangaroo Gifts, Stand T39, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, 4-8 August 2018.