Rowdy Crowd Drinkware is the perfect gift for those who love life outdoors.

There is nothing worse than serving your favourite beer, wine, bubbles or beverage in an ugly plastic cup. Now there is no excuse to do so.

Australia's first premium quality, reusable, Tritan drinkware range is 100 per cent dishwasher safe, 100 per cent BPA free and hormone activity free.  

Tritan material is not a polycarbonate and is far more durable, food safe and is designed to help fight the war on waste against single use plastics.

With Rowdy Crowd there will be no more snapped stems, broken glass, cracked, crazed or cloudy drinkware.

Being lightweight and tough, clean up at a venue or after a party is a breeze and then it’s into the dishwasher. No matter how many times they go through, they will always come out crystal clear.  

Rowdy Crowd Drinkware can also be printed and make a terrific event keepsake or corporate gift.

Sold in sets of eight in a colourful, dust-proof bag which is easy to find, store and give as a practical gift.

See the latest ranges from Rowdy Crowd, Stand 1010 at AGHA Melbourne Gift Fair at the MCEC (Doors 9-19) 3-7 August 2019.

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