Pick up the Jazminbell range at Stand 4B19 in The Launch Pad.

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Perfect for: Physiotherapists, Pharmacies, Optometrists, Sport Centres, Boutiques

What new and exciting ranges are you launching at the AGHA Sydney Gift Fair?

The first range of Jazminbell® cold/heat packs handmade exclusively from designer fabrics.

aef5df0ea64c43a2b7f4228087738125What is the inspiration behind your product ranges?

Bright and bold fabrics to enhance mood, spirit and energy.

What is your point of difference?

Unique and stylish cold/heat pack designs including The Ultimate Cold/Heat Pack and Rejuvenation Mask Cold/Heat Pack. Wheat free and filled with rice grains for hot or cold use.


What is the story behind your brand?4f4b2c4398b4484eae27512743cd22d9

Jasmin’s family have been active within the farming industry since the 1930s. In fact, her grandfather was one of the first to pioneer rice farming in Australia. There are a great number of benefits for using rice as an alternative to wheat, which are organic grains that can hold hot or cold temperatures over a period of time. Rice grains mould easily to the body, stay warm longer, are lighter than wheat and are naturally gluten-free.

Pick up the Jazminbell range at Stand 4B19 in The Launch Pad during the AGHA Sydney Gift Fair, 18-21 February 2017.