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Microfibre towels. Why are they all the same? Small, dull, boring.

Enter Dock & Bay. In 2015, two travel mates, Andy & Benno, put their minds together in London and were inspired to do something different. It was here that Dock & Bay was born, setting out to brighten up the market and make travel towels more fun.

Andy & Benno went on a journey of towel innovation and it didn’t necessarily come easily. Many months were spent through the design process, working with numerous suppliers, carefully choosing the right material and perfecting the required printing technology, before bringing their unique product to market. Building relationships, a quality focus, and single minded persistence has been the key to bringing a new concept into reality. And it’s just the beginning.

So what advice do Andy & Benno give to emerging designers and startups looking to enter the Australian market?

a 150x150Find a point of diference which will really turn heads

Throughout the design process, they didn’t just look for one point of differentiation; they sought to innovate all elements of the product.

Vibrant colours. Bold designs. Generous sizes. Stylish packaging.

These are the trademark differences that have made Dock & Bay the #1 beach towel on Amazon USA and UK. New ideas and product development continues to be a focus of the entrepreneurs at Dock & Bay, with a unique range of round towels launching again this summer in Australia.

b 150x150Remember your passion

Andy & Benno took a generic microfiber towel and created a beach and travel product they themselves truly love. As travelers, this was a benchmark they had to meet – something they themselves wanted to use, not just make money off. Startups should never lose sight of the passion that took them on the journey in the first place.

7 150x150Get out there!

It is important to invest in the marketing of a new business. Get your name and product out there! From the world of e-commerce to trade exhibitions, Andy & Benno have worked tirelessly to put their business, brand and products on the map.

Dock & Bay are exhibiting at AGHA Gift Fairs, Melbourne 2016 Home & Giving exhibition this August. Find them at Stand ED32 Melbourne Showgrounds (Exhibition Pavilion) and keep an eye out for the bright, colourful and refreshing attitude Dock & Bay bring to the Australian retail marketplace (and your nearest beaches) this summer! Register to attend AGHA Gift Fairs for free at

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An Aussie and a Brit walk into a bar… Andy & Benno started Dock & Bay in London, 2015. Two mates who met through work and travel, sharing a passion to do something different. An inspired idea set them on a path to build a beach and travel startup, creating their uniquely designed travel towel. When you think of your last amazing trip, Dock & Bay want to be a part of that memory.